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Parota (Guanacaste)

Parota (Enterolobium cyclocarpum), is a fast growing and sustainably harvested species that is imported directly from our own sawmill in Mexico. 

Also known as Guanacaste, Raintree, or Kelobra. Parota is prized for its beautiful golden-brown, Hawaiian Koa/Acacia-like figure, consistent availability  in large hard-to-find dimensions, and its unmatched low cost.

Unlike other similar Acacia-like species from South-East Asia (Suar, Monkey pod, etc.), many customers prefer Parota because of its easier workability and more consistent color and grain. Many have also noted that by purchasing directly from our warehouse in Carlsbad, CA and selecting specific Parota live-edged slabs online, they can ensure higher quality stock and eliminate the risk of purchasing defective wood sight unseen from overseas suppliers.

We typically stock well over 100 live-edged tabletop slabs at all times in sizes ranging from 2-6" thick x 20-72" wide x 60-160" long and also also carry a large inventory of 4/4-8/4 dimensional lumber.

By operating our own sawmill in Mexico we have the ability to custom cut Parota for a wide range of manufacturers/projects such as furniture designers, architectural woodwork, custom live-edged tables, cabinetry, etc.

Please contact us directly for more information in regards to wholesale pricing, custom-cut material, "multiple slab" discounts, etc.


Click here to see finished examples of Parota