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50 BF Cocobolo Squared Logs DISCOUNT PRICE

Finished Cocobolo Examples
Shipping Included: 
Assorted sizes 4-7" square x 18-60" long

PLEASE NOTE: Image is an example photo of what Mexican Cocobolo "Squared Logs" look like once surfaced. Similar unsurfaced stock will be pulled for the 50 board foot discount packs (50 BF minimum but if you would like more just let us know and we can get you an updated price)

RARE, Hard-To-Find MEXICAN COCOBOLO (Please note: This is not lesser-grade Central American Varieties which tend to have wider growth rings-ask for more info)

All logs pulled will be unsurfaced (see 2nd image for an idea of what this looks like).

1st image is what Cocobolo logs may looks like once cleaned up 

Both Images are just stock photos but similar stock will be pulled for all orders

Assorted mix of Cocobolo Squared Logs (all unsurfaced) We can not pick out specific sizes/colors, sorry

range in sizes approx 4-7" square x 18-60" long

Squared logs so expect some cracks/center pith/knots/defect/etc but overall RARE, hard-to find, DRY Mexican Cocobolo (Most of you know how tough this is to find right now)

Randomly pulled we can not pull specific sizes.