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4/4 Bocote Lumber /bf price

Finished Bocote Examples
1" x 2-6" x 24-72"

4/4 (1 inch thick) lumber is milled in:

2-6" widths x 24-72" lengths

Gorgeous wood from Mexico with tight contrasting dark streaks and rich brown color. Used in everything from pens to fine furniture. Direct from our sawmill in Mexico.

Country of Origin: Mexico

Orders are filled using random sizes in the above dimensions (unless other wise noted in comment box upon checkout) to ensure the best possible stock and to reach the desired board footage ordered. Lumber is sent in the rough (unsurfaced) and most will be in "thick" 4/4 state, (ie. 1"-1 1/8" thick)

Price is based per Board Foot (144 cubic inches)

Please enter your desired board foot amount

Shipping Included: