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4/4 Holly Lumber /bf price

Finished Holly Examples
1" x 2-8" x 24-72"

4/4 (1 inch thick) lumber available:
lengths of 24-72 inches and widths 2-8 inches.

About as white as wood gets. Used mainly for inlay work but has been used in a variety of other projects.

This particular batch is considered "Common Grade", so there are some bark inclusions/streaks/etc May have some streaking/figure.

orders are filled using random sizes in the above dimensions (unless other wise noted in comment box upon checkout) to ensure the best possible stock and to reach the desired board footage ordered. Lumber is sent in the surfaced and most will be in "thick" 4/4 state, (ie. 7/8"-1" thick) See picture for example of what Holly will look like once surfaced

Country of Origin: USA

-for UPS Orders longer pcs may be cut to allow shipment.

Price is based per Board Foot (144 cubic inches)

Please enter your desired board foot amount

Shipping Included: