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Cocobolo 10 BF Short Lumber Packs

Finished Cocobolo Examples
Shipping Included: 
0.5-2.5" x 1.5-6" x 7-24"

Roughly 10 board feet of assorted sizes ranging 0.5-2.5" thick x 1.5-6" wide x 7-24"  long.

Please note: Discount pricing is for random mix of sizes only

Direct source from our own sawmill mill in Mexico for over 30 years. True Rosewood species from Mexico. Color varies from light orange to almost dark purple. Mexican Cocobolo in known for its tight contrasting grain unlike other Cocobolo from other regions. Used in everything from pens and musical instruments to fine furniture.

Please note, may have some slight checks/sapwood.

Country of Origin: Mexico